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Environmental Pollution: A Global Phenomenon

The hydroelectric power station in the northern part of India near a river was a center point of debate among …
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Skipping Car Servicing to Save Money? Use Multiple Car Insurance Quotes Instead

We all have the tendency to treat cars service and maintenance activities as an unnecessary and unwanted task. This is …
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Environmental Pollution Still a Huge Concern – Drugs in Our Drinking Water

Concern about our environment is a relatively new concept. It really came to the forefront during 1970’s. In fact before …
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Visit Ten Historical Places of Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia belongs to the Southeast Asian nations. Cambodia relies solely on its textile and garment production and …
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Who Is Afraid of Climate Change?

What do you fear? People are moved to action by their fears. Sometimes our fears lurk at the edge of …
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6 Places to Visit During an African Safari in Namibia

Namibia is an ideal destination for those wanting the full African safari experience, and not short of places to visit:Etosha …
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